Who We Are :

We are a team of aerospace and nautical analyses experts, working together in tandem to provide you with industry-leading consultation support. At the core, we are a finance brokerage firm working on your behalf to secure the right aircraft and/or yacht loans. We have a deep understanding of the world capital marketplace, leveraging our experience to provide small to mid-sized commercial, and private sector financing solutions, supplying creativity, vision, and experience demanded to provide cutting-edge guidance.

We are a family here at STC Consulting, and we want you to be part of it.

Our Mission

To provide yacht and airplane clients with access to the right loans from the right lenders.


What We Do

We are financial graduates, with financial and banking backgrounds that enable us to partner with experienced lenders to present you with the right options that won’t harm your credit score. Unlike the competitors, we don’t run your credit score over and over again through different lenders. When we run your credit, it’s because we know that the lender is right for you. Additionally, we can help with credit rehabilitation, working with you to present a profile with the greatest chances of obtaining financing.