Here at STC Consulting, our experienced management, sales, and credit team are experts in the marine lending industry, earning a reputation as one of the go-to financing agencies in the country today. We can process credit packages, starting with $50,000 for planes and $25,000 for boats, navigating the financing waters on your behalf so you can focus on your marine business and growth strategies. Specializing in boat, yacht, and super yacht financing, we delve into our deep understanding of the boat loan industry, matching you with a custom tailored loan program that will complement and support your forthcoming boat purchase.

Our boat & yacht financing services cover:






Super Yachts

Yacht Financing Specialists

After pre-screening your applications and financial information, we match you with the right super yacht lenders that will lend to you; except this time, it’s without the hard check to your credit multiple times.We coordinate between you, the shipyard, and the lender, custom tailoring every part of the process to you and your requirements. We’re your full-service boat financing team, working with you from the start to the close of the boat sale. We advocate on your behalf, freeing up your time so you can focus on what really matters.